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Resilience of Art Cities. Protecting Cultural Heritage Sites at Risk: Natural Disaster and Emergency Response in Crisis Areas - the Italian Experiences


Washington (DC)



Prof. Antonio Sgamellotti 
Accademia dei Lincei 
Resilience of Art Cities to Natural Catastrophes: the Role of the Academies

Dr. Fabrizia Buongiorno 
Director of Technology Research, Head of Space Observation Infrastructures, 
National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) 
Enhancing Resilience of Historic Cities to Earthquakes

Dr. Cecilia Frosinini 
Opificio delle pietre dure (OPD), Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT) 
The Restoration Bringing Giorgio Vasari’s Last Supper Back to Life After 50 Years from the Florence Flood

Dr. Gerardo Di Canio 
Italian National Agency for New technologies, Energy and sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) 
Remote Shared Experiments and on Site Application of Enabling Technologies for Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets

Brigadier General Fabrizio Parrulli 
Commander for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Carabinieri 
Emergency Protection of Cultural Heritage: the Italian Task Force Unite4Heritage - “UNESCO Blue Helmets” for Culture


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